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During the coronavirus crisis I am offering “virtual” workshops and sessions online until the situation changes. Please find details below of changes to current workshops. If you have any questions please be in touch. To participate in these virtual session please download and install software from Zoom.us here.
IBMT Ongoing Programme
Soma Touch
Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy UK
IBMT Diploma Programme

Online workshop

We are now offering the current UK programme on Zoom. For details of the next cycle due to begin in September 2021 please contact Jane for details.

Authentic Movement
 Closed Group 
£180 (4 classes)
Discipline of Authentic Movement
Closed Groups (London)

Online workshop

In these groups, we take the time to move within through the practice of the Discipline of Authentic Movement - a practice for developing presence through movement and connecting to our embodied and sacred self (Groups limited to 4 participants). If you are interested in participating in an ongoing group, please contact Jane, or Download and return the application form.

Authentic Movement
1 Workshop
Red sun
Introduction to the Discipline of Authentic Movement (London)

These workshops are an introduction to the ground of practice of the Discipline of Authentic Movement as integrated into the IBMT Diploma programme. Each workshop will have a different focus, and will build upon each experience of the work. The workshops are limited to a maximum of 4 participants and are appropriate for all levels of experience. If you are interested please contact Jane, or Download and return the application form.

Dance Fish
Embodied Anatomy & Movement Repatterning

Online workshop

We will explore our relationship to Embryology and our Nervous System, integrating this through the practice of Authentic Movement, a contemplative movement practice.
As in the discipline of mindfulness meditation, we seek to pay attention to our direct experience, moment by moment, witnessing the sensations, feelings, thoughts, images and movement impulses which arise into consciousness.

These workshops are appropriate for all levels of experience and are also an introduction to Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy for those interested in joining the IBMT Diploma Programme.
Booking: For more information go to ibmt.co.uk, call or contact Jane.

Walk to work

Online and phone sessions available

In our increasingly challenging and sometimes scary world, making the right choices and living life fully can seem to be an impossible task, especially in times of transition, from 'young person' to 'adult', when initiating or ending relationships, or experiencing loss and bereavement. Counselling provides the space and support to make the right choices - for you, and to live life fully - on your own terms. Call or eMail Mudimo for more information, or to arrange a consultation.

£45 each
Continuum Webinar series
Fluid Somatic Practice...

Online workshop

A series of Webinars inquiring into our Fluid Somatic Nature. Each class will begin with a new context, introducing an inquiry / theory to support deepening into the fluid movement practice. The webinars will be based within the practice of Continuum and will integrate other somatic practices to enhance the process (Register at least 5 days ahead of each class to receive instructions on joining).

4 Modules
Continuum Flow Retreat Programme and Mentoring (Devon)
with Cherionna Menzam-Sills & Jane Okondo

A series of seminars for those experienced with Continuum and ready to dive deeper with this subtle fluidic practice. Click here for more info.

Continuum Evolutions

Online workshop

In this Continuum workshop we will be exploring the different stages of evolutionary movement (fish, reptile, mammal) and how this connects us to our inherent early developmental movement; cellular breathing, naval radiation, pre and spinal movement patterns - exploring through Experiential Anatomy and Continuum.

Fern spiral
Continuum Embryological Unfolding...

Dates not confirmed

In this Continuum workshop we will be exploring the different stages of the embryological unfolding and taking this fluid potential within. As we connect to these different stages we bring ourselves into resonance with the potency and vibrancy available.

One 2 One
Swirling water
Craniosacral Therapy

No Sessions

A subtle and wonderfully effective form of treatment for a wide range of dis-eases that enables us to connect deeply with our internal resources.

One 2 One
Flowing stream
Somatic Movement Therapy

Online sessions

Let go of connecting solely through the verbal realm and enter into a more profound experience of body-mind.

One 2 One
Dark dandelion
Somatic Experiencing® & NaTouch®

Online sessions

Trauma resulting from acute or cumulative stress can seriously impair a person’s ability to function with resilience and ease. The Somatic Experiencing® method is a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders.

One 2 One
Whale and diver
Breath Therapy

Online sessions

Our breathing is a reflection of what is happening within us, both physically and emotionally. If we listen to our body we can develop an innate sense of knowing if all is well within us.

“...your teaching is wonderful because it doesn't actually feel as if you are doing any teaching! It felt as if we were all investigating this thing called Breath together... and, for me, that is such a good way to learn. I can't wait to do the next two days.” - Serena Evans, Actors Voice Trainer.